Sarraf urges Lebanese to adhere to security forces’ guidance instructions

National Defense Minister, Yacoub Sarraf, held a press conference at his Yarze office on Saturday, during which he congratulated the Lebanese on the occasion of the New Year, while urging them to abide by the instructions of security forces and fully cooperate with them.

Sarraf thanked the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister for closely following-up on the security situation in the country. He also commended all security forces deployed across the Lebanese territories and along the borders under difficult climate conditions, as well as the Civil Defense and Red Cross units, for their relentless efforts and sacrifices for the sake of ensuring citizens’ security and stability.

Sarraf also reminded citizens of the following hotline numbers:

– 1701 Ministry of National Defense
– 125 Civil Defense
– 175 Fire Brigade
– 140 Red Cross