Rahi congratulates Aoun over his election as president

NNA – Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Bechara Boutros Rahi congratulated on Monday the Lebanese on the election of a new President of the Republic, hoping that General Michel Aoun’s presidential mandate would succeed in bringing all the Lebanese together and achieving Lebanon’s uprising in its state and institutions, in sincere cooperation amongst all political blocs based on the Charter and the Constitution.

“We wish the new president of the republic all success in leading the country in a difficult time which Lebanon and the Middle East region are currently enduring,” Patriarch Rahi said.

Rahi also hoped that the new President Aoun would accelerate the formation of a unified, competent government and dwell on direct action to save Lebanon from the existing political, social and economic predicaments.

Rahi hoped that Aoun would uphold during his presidential mandate the word by Apostle Paul “to forget the past and dwell on the future.’