Raad: We want balance, partnership to rule Lebanon

NNA – “Loyalty to Resistance” parliamentary bloc head MP Mohammad Raad stressed that his bloc wants Lebanon to be ruled by balance and partnership among all its components as for the political decision, administration, performance and relations.

Raad words came during a celebration in Geargouuh in Iklim Al-Teffah region in the south, adding that they look for a day when all the Lebanese parties, who take pride in their relations with the Gulf countries, employ those relations to serve the interest, unity and independence of their country, not to use their foreign relations to conspire against their national partners.

Raad pointed out to the presence of a deep disagreement between his bloc and the other team over the political issues due to these differences, noting that his bloc extends his hand to all the Lebanese who don’t betray Lebanon and stand against its enemies.

Raad hoped to reach “an agreement that takes into consideration all the basic demands of the Lebanese components to be able to provide political stability to Lebanon.”

He concluded,”We live security and stability in our region (south Lebanon) because we have one national vision, and the Lebanese should take part in this national vision to have security and stability extend over the political level and prevail on the ground.”