Putin Submits Accord to Damascus for Russian Air Force Deployment to Syria

Russian President Vladimir Putin has submitted an agreement with Damascus on the deployment of a Russian air force group in Syria for ratification by the lower house of parliament, an entry in the official database of the State Duma confirmed Tuesday.

Russian Aerospace Defense Forces’ Su-30SM fighter escorts a Tu-160 bomber which fired cruise missiles at ISIS targets in Syria
© Sputnik/ Russian Defence Ministry
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MOSCOW (Sputnik) – On July 29, the Russian cabinet approved the accord on the deployment of the Russian air force group in Syria, and submitted to Putin for its further referral to the lower house of parliament for approval, according to a legislative act published on the official portal for legal information.

It is noted in the text that the Hmeymim air facility in Syria, its infrastructure and territory are granted to Russia free of charge.

The agreement was signed in Damascus on August 26, 2015