Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Released…

The Saudi Arabian billionaire, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, has been released from the Ritz Carlton hotel in Riyadh, his family has said.

Prince bin Talal’s release came hours after he told Reuters in an exclusive interview at the opulent Ritz-Carlton hotel in Riyadh that he expected to be cleared of any wrongdoing and keep his vast wealth.

The Prince, one of the nation’s most prominent businessmen, was detained for more than two months in the kingdom’s vast sweeping crackdown on corruption, and It was the first time that he had spoken publicly since his detention.

Asked why he ended up held in the hotel he said that is was a misunderstanding and it will be cleared.

“We have now a new leadership in Saudi Arabia, and they just want to cross all the Ts and dot all the Is, so I said: that’s fine with me, no problem at all. Just go ahead,” and he concluded by saying: “I’d like to stay here until this thing is over completely and get out and life goes on.”

Prince Alwaleed said he was continuing to maintain his innocence of any corruption in talks with authorities. He said he expected to keep full control of his global investment firm Kingdom Holding Co without being required to give up assets to the government.