Presidential Response to Hariri’s Resignation.

A communiqué has been issued by the office of the Press of the Lebanese Presidency and it contained the following:

In the framework of following up with ongoing events that have occurred after the Prime Minister’s declaration of resignation from abroad, President Michel Aoun has begun a series of communications with official, political and religious leaderships where he stressed upon the importance of preserving national unity and the sense of political stability and national security as well as the goals that have been achieved from a year past till this day, and the prioritization of the national well being above all else.

President Aoun went on to assure these leaders that the threats that Lebanon is facing most evident of which is the Israeli threat, mandates that the Lebanese people stand as one against it and that any internal disruptions will have a negative effect on the national immunity and the solidarity of its ranks.

And in this context, President Aoun contacted the head of Parliament Mr. Nabih Berri as well as the heads of political parties that participate in the government Mr. Walid Joumblatt, Sleiman Frangieh, Talal Arslan, Assad Herdan, Samir Geagea, Hagop Bakradonian, Mohamad Raad and Gebran Bassil, as well as the Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Bechara Boutros El-Rahi and the Muslim Head Cleric( Al-Moufti) of the Republic Sheikh Abed-Latif Derian as well as the Al-Moufti Al-Jaafari sheikh Ahmad Kabalan.

The President also contacted the Minister of Finance Ali Hassan Khalil , the head of the committee for Parliamentary Finances and Budgeting Ibrahim Kanaan , the Governor of the Central Bank Dr. Ryad Salemeh, the head of the Association of Banks Dr. Joseph Tarabay and discussed with them the financial and banking situation in the country while stressing upon them the importance of maintaining financial stability in the country.

President Aoun’s contacts also included the minister of the interior and the municipalities Nohad El-Mashnouk, the Minister of Justice Salim Jraissati and the minister of Defense Yacoub El-Sarraf. He also provided directives to the heads of the military and internal security forces so they may take the necessary steps to maintain the stability in the country.

On another note, the President contacted the Emir of Kuwait Sabah el-Ahmad el-Jaber el-Sabah, and discussed with him the ongoing events and agreed on postponing the official visit of the president that was to take place tomorrow to a later date. The Emir of Kuwait assured the President during the call that Kuwait would welcome him anytime he deems suitable, wishing Lebanon the continuation of prosperity and stability, and to the Lebanese people serenity and peace of mind.

Translated by Hala Hayek Najjar & Rami Najjar