President Aoun to CBC Egypt: Hezbollah weapons are complementary to army’s action

President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, said in an interview with CBC Egypt that Hezbollah’s weaponries were complementary to the army’s action, and do not oppose it.

“As long as a part of the territory is occupied by Israel, which also has covetousness in Lebanese natural resources, and as long as the army is not powerful enough to face Israel, we feel the need to maintain Hezbollah’s weapons. These weapons complement the action of the army,” President Aoun underscored.

According to Aoun, were it not for the resistance’s pressure Israel wouldn’t have withdrawn from most of the territory.

“Hezbollah’s arms are not contradictory to the state project, which I support and for which I endeavor,” he pointed out.

The President, who spoke on the eve of his visit to Cairo tomorrow, Monday, said it was unacceptable that the Arab situation continue as such, since it is destructive for all.

Aoun described his visit to Cairo as an opportunity to exchange views with his Egyptian counterpart on all issues of interest to both countries.

According to him, the issue of terrorism will be at the heart of the talks, especially as he plans to discuss possibilities of helping to stop the wave of terrorism that is hitting the countries of the region.

Regarding the Syrian crisis, President Aoun confirmed that this war cannot cease without political compromise.

In response to a question about Hezbollah’s intervention in the Syrian war, he highlighted that the party’s action in Syria was directed against terrorist organizations such as Al-Nusra and ISIS, and was not part of the regional conflict.

Questioned about his position vis-à-vis the electoral law, the President said he did not threaten of vacancy in the parliament, noting however that the one who hindered the approval of the electoral law was responsible for the vacuum in question.

“I do not approve the vacuum, but I want to achieve a fair electoral law that ensures the representation of all,” he said.

“I am sure that we will reach a new electoral law for the next parliament elections, through the ongoing dialogue,” President Michel Aoun concluded.