FPM Delegation from Bkirki: We’ll Confront Extension on Behalf of All Lebanese

MP Ibrahim Kanaan of the Free Patriotic Movement announced Wednesday that the FPM and the Lebanese Forces will confront the attempt to extend parliament’s term through all possible means “in defense of the constitution.”

“Why is it permissible to vote on extension and not on an electoral law?” Kanaan said after meeting Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi in Bkirki along with an FPM delegation.

He was referring to Thursday’s key parliamentary session that has a one-year extension of parliament’s term on its agenda.

“As Christians, today we are taking a stance to defend every Lebanese citizen whose will is being usurped, and this is in defense of the constitution and coexistence,” Kanaan added.

“What does a third extension mean? Isn’t it a usurpation of power? Should impotent MPs be rewarded with extension? (Syrian) hegemony was the excuse in the past but today what is the excuse?” the MP went on to say.

“They are saying that they will vote on extension without us. Is this how we build the State and abide by our promises and vows?” Kanaan asked.

He said that the Christian alliance “will confront extension on behalf of Christians and Muslims.”

“All discussions are accepted and we still have time to agree on a new law,” Kanaan noted.

He stressed that “no one has the right to bypass the constitution and the pact of national partnership that gathers the Lebanese,” calling on “all those who believe in Lebanon” to be ready to act on Thursday.

“We are before an existential and rightful legal and constitutional situation and all Lebanese must unite when Lebanon is in danger,” Kanaan added.