PM Hariri: Government Took Steps to Cut Refugees Competition for Lebanese Laborers !

Prime Minister Saad Hariri congratulated all Lebanese laborers Monday on Labor Day.He assured them that the government has already begun taking a series of measures to reduce competition for the Lebanese labor market.

This is an excerpt of PM Hariri’s speech:

“- Despite its limited age and action, our government has focused on the preparation of the draft electoral law and the organization of the elections.”

“- The government has spared no effort in order to resolve the problems of the workers and to alleviate their sufferings.”

“- We know that the situation of workers in Lebanon, who are the cornerstone and pillars of Lebanon’s production cycle, is not satisfactory at the moment.”

“- The government has already begun to take measures to curb the competition suffered by Lebanese workers as a result of the unusual flow of Syrian workers, and to boost the economic cycle after its regression in recent years due to political polemics and the presidential vacancy.”

“- The government has encouraged investment to increase employment opportunities and considers the salaries scale as a priority in order to provide them a suitable quality lifestyle in their homeland,” Hariri concluded