NNA Conference: ‘Media Spreading Civilizations and Connecting Dialogues’ Conference concludes work sessions at Hilton Habtour


The National News Agency “NNA” winded up on Tuesday afternoon its international Conference “Media Spreading Civilizations and Connecting Dialogues” at the Hilton Habtour, Beirut, under the patronage of Information Minister, Melhem Riachy.

The Conference’s last work sessions was held under the headline “The Importance of Media in promoting Economic Communication” moderated by our colleague, Journalist Rana Hajj, with guest Speakers notably President of the Lebanese Businessmen Association (RDCL) Dr Fouad Zmokhol, Economic Journalist and University Professor, Michel Morcos, and Arab Economic News Editor-in-Chief, Violette Balaa.

In his delivered word, Morcos dwelt on the importance of media in the economic sphere, considering economic media as an outlet which keeps pace with the development of securing needs, while maintaining integrity, truthfulness and reason.

Morcos also pointed out that “economic media aims to achieve the prosperity of the individual and society, as well as to set right the lame paths and erroneous directions.

“Economic media is a responsible, rational and realistic media. Yet, it is at the same time a visionary one with a message aimed at building the happiness of society,” he said.

Balaa, for her part, tackled in her word the role of economic media which should be based on serving the economy of the public sector as the private sector as well as the macroeconomic and individual economy, i.e. the economy of society and the state.

“Such a role requires a strong, specialized and effective economic media which knows how to deal with information, studies, reports and data, in order to form the guiding levers of the national economy,” she said, noting the lack of specialized editing in the economic media sphere.

Balaa concluded by pointing out the existence of a profound gap between economic media and development.

In his delivered word, Zmokhol branded media as the prime gateway for the investment of information and to attract investors, entrepreneurs and international and regional companies to our country.

“Media is the primary source of public, economic, financial and digital information,” Zmokhol said, adding that media provides the link between the leading investors from within the same country and across the border.

“In this sense, media is the main engine of any country’s economy and the constructive and productive weapon for investment and economic development,” noted Zmokhol, adding that media plays the role of a liaison between ideas, innovation and pioneers.

Zmokhol concluded by saying “We rely on the Lebanese media to relay the positive image of our country and attract investment and investors,” expressing utter belief in full complementarity among economy, business and media.