Nasrallah: We agreed to preserve stability, security, civil peace

NNA – Hezbollah leader, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah appeared on TV at al-Shouhada Complex in Dahieh on Tuesday night on the eve of Ashoura and said that he will tackle in his speech the situation in Lebanon and the region.

“We have all agreed to preserve stability, security and civil peace in Lebanon,” the leader said, adding that there was an international decision to preserve Lebanon.

“Security and civil peace are red line, for this reason we should support the Army and security apparatuses,” he confirmed.

Nasrallah said that throughout the past few weeks, the country entered a positive political phase regarding the presidential elections.

“I call on our allies and friends to return to the cabinet in return for commitment to the National Pact and partnership. Serious work must be done to resume the parliament’s legislative role,” he asserted.

“We support and welcome any positive political developments regarding the presidency,” he added.

On the other hand, he touched on the regional situation and said “The allies of the American administration in the region will keep supporting the armed groups in order to continue fighting,” he stressed.

Nasrallah said that these days, we are witnessing escalation and tensions in the region, contrary to the situation several months ago, when we thought that we were on the edge of settlements.

“Weeks ago, there was a chance to achieve a ceasefire in Syria through the U.S.-Russian agreement, but the U.S. withdrew from this agreement,” the leader added.

On the other hand, he said that Saudi kingdom has refused the political solution in Syria and refused the president who was elected by his people to remain in power.

“The Americans, Saudi Arabia and some regional countries are blocking the political solutions in Syria,” he stressed.

Nasrallah concluded saying that Gulf States must accept political solutions if they want the well-being of the Syrian people.