(Video) Minister Bassil and diplomats tour sites near Beirut’s International Airport

FM Gebran Bassil extended an invitation to all foreign ambassadors in Lebanon to a meeting Monday afternoon at the Foreign Ministry following allegations made by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that several sites next to Rafik Hariri International Airport were used by Hezbollah in an attempt to convert non-precision ground-to-ground missiles to precision missiles to hit Israeli cities.
In a live conference at 3:00 p.m. the ambassadors listened to the Ministry’s response to these allegations regarding the missile sites.
Following the news conference the ambassadors accompanied Minister Bassil to one of the sites near Beirut’s airport.

Lebanon’s Speaker Nabih Berri commended Bassil’s invitation, calling it a “necessary” move. Berri also said that “the claims are dangerous and must not be disregarded or addressed lightly. A national stand is necessary to address it.”