Lebanese gastronomic spot in one of six of London’s best international food shops | wrote National Geographic

3. Green Valley, Marble Arch It’s impossible to walk past the windows of this Lebanese food hall without drooling over its syrupy towers of baklava and sugar-dusted maamoul (semolina biscuits filled with figs, dates and nuts). Inside, the halawa (dessert) selection also includes enormous pans of kunafa and nabulsia (types of cheesecake), mushabak (deep-fried batter rings covered in sweet syrup) and basbousa (a semolina syrup cake). At the back of the shop lies the bakery and mezze counter, serving fresh sambousek (meat pies), kibbeh (fragrant balls of ground meat and grain), plus stuffed vine leaves, falafel and tabbouleh. The store has a sprawling selection of Middle Eastern store-cupboard staples: bucket loads of pickles, including turnips and artichoke bottoms; herbs and spices, from ajwain to za’atar; and shelves of fresh-baked flatbreads and pittas, perfect for brushing up your shawarma-making skills with at home.  36-37 Upper Berkeley Street, W1H 5QF

Six of London’s best international food shops | National Geographic

More about making the Lebanese Knefeh in “Behind the scenes” by Anthony Rahayel | Youtube channel.