Kanaan says President’s cabinet share constitutionally determined

NNA – Change and Reform Parliamentary bloc member, MP Ibrahim Kanaan, made clear on Wednesday that the President’s prerogatives had been stated in line with the Taef Agreement.

“The president has been given a weighty share within the cabinet, and for us, this is a constitutionally determined issue,” he added.

Interviewed by LBCI, the lawmaker stressed the importance of adopting the very same rotation method that had been adopted by the cabinet of Former Prime Minister, Najib Mikati.

“Rotation should involve all ministerial portfolios, including that of the Ministry of Finance,” he added.

“The Lebanese Forces are entitled to a key ministry just like others, especially that portfolios have been being distributed based on sects among all the main political parties. In the event of political hindrances, we should work on alleviating them,” Kanaan added.