Kanaan following bloc’s meeting: We rebuff 1960 law, extension of parliament’s mandate

“Change and Reform” bloc held on Tuesday its weekly meeting at Rabyieh and tackled the general situation in the country.

“The bloc refused to hold the parliamentary polls based on the 1960 law or the extension of the parliament’s term,” Deputy Ibrahim Kanaan said following the meeting.

He added that accepting the 1960 electoral law would be a violation of the Constitution and the Taef Accord.

“Change and Reform has showed openness to all the electoral law formulas that have been proposed,” the MP said.

Kanaan said that the president has taken a stance that conforms with the Constitution, seeing as everyone has acknowledged that the current electoral law breaches the National Pact and the stipulations of the Lebanese constitution that was endorsed in Taef.

On the other hand, the bloc stressed that it would be with the approval of a transparent and clear budget.

“It is requested to stop corruption and squander. Priority should be to reform,” he concluded.