ISIS Governor Arrested Fleeing in Female Dresses

A former ISIS terrorist appointed as governor was arrested while fleeing the liberated city of Sharqat dressed as women.

Iraqi forces liberated the northern district from ISIS control last week and a hunt for terrorists is going on in the region.

“The security forces, during the liberation operation of Sharqat, managed to capture Abu Omar al-Assafi, the ISIS governor of the city while trying to flee with the displaced residents of the area,” adding that, “Assafi was disguised in a woman’s dress.”

Iraqi forces managed to seize critical information regarding the real identity of ISIS terrorists in the region as well as their rank and missions. The information came from USB flash memory found in the belongings of the ISIS leaders in the city.

“The USB drive also contained documents and instructions, asking the ISIS militants to burn and detonate the houses of civilians and show that the Iraqi security forces have carried out the sabotage,” they added.

Several ISIS members in Iraq and Syria have been captured disguised as women over the years.