Ibrahim Pledges Effective Policies to Confront Terrorism

General Security chief Maj. Gen. Abbas Ibrahim said on Thursday that the renewal of his term as the agency’s chief is a “great responsibility thrown on my shoulders” that he will seek to safeguard, as he assured that he will seek to make the institution a source of pride.

“The General Security will not be less motivated in the next stage. Renewal of my term is a great responsibility and a confirmation of trust in Law,” said Ibrahim in an interview to the General Security magazine.

“I promise the Directorate officers and military personnel of all ranks that we will make them an institution they will be proud of belonging to. We will continue with the same policy,” added Ibrahim who retained his post as chief of General Security in March.

Speaking of the challenges facing Lebanon in the coming stage, Ibrahim said that Lebanon is part of the region and it will be affected by the crises running around it “the region is being hit by storms from all directions,” he said.

“We are going to face great challenges at all levels, and I think we have prepared a lot in the past period to face any emergency we face in the future,” he assured.

“At the administrative level, we have set plans until the year 2025 in terms of equipments and members to keep up to date,” added Ibrahim.

Turning to the security level, he said: “I don’t want to speak of the accomplishments we made so far, but we will carry on with the same policy of confronting terrorism. I will do my full duty with President Michel Aoun, who renewed his confidence in me and chose me to be next to him in the coming period.”