Hariri meets with US house speaker: we are trying to protect Lebanon from sanctions

The council of ministers Saad Hariri started his long day at the US Congress today by a meeting with house speaker Paul Ryan at his office in Capitol Hill.

The Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil, the Charge d’affaires of the Lebanese Embassy in Washington Carla Jazzar, Hariri’s Chief of Staff Nader Hariri, his advisor for US Affairs ambassador Amal Mudallali and US National Security Advisor Jeff Dressler attended.

After the meeting, Prime Minister Hariri said: “The meeting with the US Speaker was very good. We invited him to visit Lebanon to see the efforts we are exerting to fight terrorism, and to get informed about the humanitarian situation of the refugees. Our whole focus during this visit is on the refugees and security. Here in Congress we are discussing the decisions being prepared against Lebanon. We are discussing ways to protect Lebanon from these sanctions and we hope to convince them”.