Hadat Municipality Inaugurates President Michel Aoun’s Avenue










Free Patriotic Movement’s leader, Minister Gebran Bassil inaugurates President Michel Aoun’s Avenue in Hadat.

Under the patronage of His Excellency the President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, his Excellency Minister Gebran Bassil, the Mayor of the Municipality of Hadat, George Edouard Aoun and the members of the city council celebrated with all the guests and residents of the city of Hadat,  tonight at 7 pm, the unveiling of the monument dedicated to the President as well as opening of the Avenue and Place Michel Aoun.

The symbolism and meaning of the monument that stands in the middle of President General Michel Aoun Square

-The Steps (constructed of successive and cohesive levels flowing upwards) reminds us of his impressive national history, and the steps of his national, political and military journey as a man of the government, as well as a symbol of his rank and position from officer to head of the Army to head of the transitional government, then to leader of the Free Patriotic Movement, to head of the Bloc of Change and Reform all the way to President of the Lebanese Republic.

-The Cube (known as one of the representations of Unity) is to show and point to the fact that the person of President Aoun and his position and ideas embody the national unity and the covenant that guides his way in the execution of his presidential constitutional duties, rights and obligations. While the 2 sides of the cube are an expression of the fact that his personality is unique, exceptional and non-traditional and it’s division into 2 halves points to the variation and multiplicity within the union, and his role as a unifier as well as his contributions across the bridges of unity between the different Lebanese constituents.

-Then we have the lighting and the light, to complete the scene and demonstrate his illumination and brightness and leadership.