General Michel Aoun Calls for Amending the law on Domestic Violence and Stimulating Economy

After the Mass of the Annunciation, President Muchel Aoun said: “We must establish an economic plan to stimulate the economy.”

President Michel Aoun and First Lady attending Annunciation Mass (March,25,2017-03-27)

President Michel Aoun attended numerous events last weekend, during which he delivered concise but important speeches, which touched on sensitive and urgent subjects that concern the entire Lebanese people.

He president began his busy weekend with the patronage of the Annunciation’s Mass which took place on Saturday at the Monastery of Our Lady of Louaize. “We have managed to preserve stability and security and we will now work to restore daily life; we need to establish an economic plan to stimulate the economy.” The president said at the end of the gathering.

He stressed the fact that despite the accumulated crisis, development must not stop; “We are reaching out to foreign resources in the long term to reach and implement our plan and stimulate our economy. We will use all the constitutional reforms necessary to keep Lebanon up to date.”

On Sunday, the president addressed a delicate issue that affects each person of society, “Violence.”

Aoun said that it was important to make the necessary amendments to the Law 293 for the protection of women and other family members against domestic violence; “a law that does not respond to our aspirations, but protects the woman from the violence against her.”

Speaking to a delegation of women’s rights groups, President Aoun added, “It is necessary to put an end to violence, especially against the mother-wife, because it places the family in danger, since the mother is the one who nurtures, gathers and gives affection during the first period of a family life.”

He underlined in this framework that “work will be carried out to serve the causes of mother and child in Lebanon”, and further considered that “it is not enough to deal solely with the woman and the child but with the family in general,” noting that in some households “violence results in murder.” The president called for efforts to be made in this direction.

In Baabda also, the president received a delegation from the National Committee of the Child in Lebanon, and a delegation of SOS Villages led by the Honorary President of the International Federation of Children’s Villages, Helmut Kutin. The president also met a delegation of presidents of the liberal professions that informed him of their remarks on the fees planned for the financing of the salary scale and the budget for 2017.

Finally, Aoun received the former Minister Estephan Doueihi, and a delegation from Jbeil.

The president summed up his weekend by assuring that he will soon address the Lebanese people to inform them about the reality of the current situation in the country, after he returns from Oman.

Translated by Hala Hayek