Gemayel after meeting Sabhan: Lebanon locale of freedom and peace away from conflicts


Kataeb Party chief MP Sami Gemayel met on Wednesday at his residence in Sil El Fil with Saudi State for the Arab Gulf Affairs Thamer Al Sabhan, in the presence of former President Amin Gemayel. Talks reportedly touched on the current situation and bilateral relations in light of recent positive developments.

On emerging, MP Gemayel stressed the paramount importance that Lebanon maintains excellent relations with all the Arab countries, notably Saudi Arabia in light of its permanent positive role throughout history towards Lebanon.

Gemayel expressed keenness on the return of normal diplomatic relations and exchange of official visits between Lebanon and Saudi Arabia, saying that encouraging Arab and Gulf investment in Lebanon is crucial for the revival of the Lebanese economy.

Kataeb chief also stressed that Lebanon should dissociate itself from the regional conflict and maintain a good relationship with all its neighbors in order to be an area of dialogue, peace, and freedom and to play a pivotal role in dealing with others.