Geagea condemns Istanbul, Cairo attacks: For developing road map to eradicate terrorism starting with politics farreaching security

Lebanese Forces” Party Leader Samir Geagea denounced, in an issued statement on Sunday, the “terrorism moving from country to country, which has recently hit both Istanbul and Cairo in cowardly and condemnable acts.”

Geagea offered his heartfelt condolences to the Turkish State and the families of the fallen victims, stressing on the need “to put an end to this prolonged terrorism threatening global stability.”

Geagea offered his sincere condolences as well to the Egyptian State and families of the fallen victims, expressing solidarity in the face of such terrorist acts.

“Terrorism does not distinguish between one country and another, or between one religion and another,” said Geagea.

He, thus, called for demonstrating “zero tolerance for any terrorist act” and “developing the needed plans to combat and root out terrorism.