Future bloc nominates Hariri to head next government

NNA – The Future parliamentary Bloc met this afternoon at the “Center House”. After the meeting, which was chaired by Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri, the following statement was issued, and read by MP Ammar Houry:

“First: on the importance of the election of the President: The Future Bloc congratulates the Lebanese in general and the President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, in particular on his election as President after an obstruction that lasted almost two and a half years, and caused a vacancy at the first presidency and a serious imbalance in the work of the state and its constitutional institutions.

The Future bloc, like all the Lebanese, hopes that the election of the President would be a serious breakthrough to reactivate the work of the constitutional institutions and rehabilitate the role of the state, its authority and prestige, allowing Lebanon to compensate for the accumulated declines at the national, economic and socio-economic levels as well as at the level of the confidence in the state and its institutions.

The Future bloc praises the positive content of the inaugural speech and specially the fact that it highlighted the respect of the Constitution, the laws, and the implementation of the Taef agreement without discrimination, the need to strengthen national unity, to make the gathering national discourse prevail over the sectarian and religious discourse, to commit to preserve Lebanon’s neutrality regarding the regional conflicts, to emphasize the role of the Lebanese army in defending of Lebanon, the respect of international conventions and resolutions and of the Charter of the Arab League, and the need to apply reforms to address the accumulated problems thus contributing to achieve socio-economic development.

Second: On the nomination of Saad Hariri for the Premiership:
With the beginning of the new term, the Future bloc announces its nomination of former Prime Minister Saad Hariri to head the first government of the new term.
The Future Bloc stands by Prime Minister Saad Hariri in his mission at the head of the next government and looks forward to positive results from the cooperation between President Michel Aoun and Premier Saad Hariri, in line with the provisions of the Constitution and the Taif agreement.”