Fneish Says Resistance Complements Army’s Anti-Israel Role

Sport and Youth Minister Mohammed Fneish of Hizbullah stressed Sunday that Hizbullah’s military role in the face of Israel complements that of the Lebanese army.

“The Resistance enjoys the awareness and preparedness to pursue the Israeli enemy wherever its threat is present, in harmony with the army’s role. This stance might not please some parties, but we insist on it,” Fneish said during a Hizbullah ceremony in south Lebanon.

“The equation has become a reality and no one can dampen its characteristics, strength and results, especially that it has offered the Lebanese a feeling of serenity, recaptured the land, deterred the Israeli enemy, and made its leaders fear the growing strength of the Resistance,” the minister added.

He underlined that “no one can think of weakening the Resistance’s capabilities, unless they are stupid, conspiring or ignorant of their country’s interest.”

“The Palestine experience is the best testament about those who counted on the U.S., Europe and the international organizations,” Fneish pointed out.

“Do you want us to renounce the strength of the resistance that is in our hands in order to endorse a futile approach that relinquishes objectives and rights?”

President Michel Aoun had recently stressed that Hizbullah’s weapons “do not contradict with the State,” drawing criticism from some of the party’s opponents.

“As long as there is Israeli-occupied land and as long as the army is not strong enough to fight Israel, we sense that there is a need for the presence of the resistance’s arms so that they complete the army’s weapons,” Aoun said in an interview on the Egyptian TV channel CBC.