Erslan to a visiting Russian delegation: Situation in Syria could be more critical, but definitely more solid than before

NNA – Head of the Lebanese Democratic Party, Displaced Minister Talal Erslan, indicated that “the situation in Syria could be more dangerous; however, it is definitely more solid than it used to be.”

Erslan’s words came before a Russian delegation, including current and previous members of the Russian Duma Council and officials at the Russian Transportation Ministry and prominent businessmen, who visited him at his Choueifat residence on Saturday.

“The recent aggression against Syria has its regional and international dimensions, not only local, and this is a sign of the strength of the Russian partnership directly on the ground in the Mediterranean Basin and in Syria and the region,” said Erslan.

“This embarrasses many of the colonial powers that have widely stretched out in this region, and out of which came the Takfiri dimension,” he added.

“Moreover, and whether some like accept it or not, Russia remains the main anchor and sincere supporter in the confrontation of Takfiri terrorism, which has become a direct threat to civil peace, not only in the Middle East but at the international level as well,” asserted Erslan.