Elias Abou Rachid is the 2015 Mountain Bike Champion!

24 Aug. 2015- Elias Abou Rachid was crowned the 2015 Mountain Bike Champion after crossing the 20 Km race in 1:14:39 hours. The race was organized by the federation in Kfardebian and the results came as following: (Please note that Zaher El Hajj unfortunately forfeited for a healthy reason)

“My early lead made the high altitude and tough course easier and let me recover in some places and not to go full out during the race.” Said Elias ABOU RACHID who came in first place with a big margin of 19 minutes ahead of the second.

01. Elias Abou Rachid 1:14:39 hours
02. Rafic Eid 1:33:46 hours
03. Raymond Hobeika +1 lap
04. Dany Mhana +2 laps
05. Maher Breidy
06. Charbel Akle
07. Tony Abdallah