Cyclist Micky Chebli on a Bike Trip To Raise $300,000 for Lebanese NGOs

Children are the basis of every community. With them, the future finds its way. In Lebanon, many children and adults are in need of medical aid, much like many other parts of the world. These children are being treated by NGOs, that require constant funding. Cyclist Micky Chebli decided to celebrate turning 50 by going on a 4,000km bike trip from Paris to Beirut, in order to raise $300,000 for three NGOs that treat children and other people in need of help.

One of the NGOs is Les Petits Soleils – “Free Health Care for all Children in Need”. This institution focuses on providing free health care for any child that needs it. One third of the money, $100,000, will go to 10 hospitalizations with surgery, 1000 specialized consultations, 1000 vaccinations, 1500 X-rays, and 500 laboratories explorations.

The second institution is Myschoolpulse – “Bringing Schools to Hospitals”. Many hospitalized children can’t receive education due to their stay, so this institution makes sure that education comes to them! Their portion of the raised money will go to the education of 100 children undergoing treatment for life-threatening diseases in six hospitals. This money will also cover one-on-one tutoring, computer courses, and art therapy.

Oum el Nour – “Drug Prevention and Rehabilitation” provides rehab for people suffering from addiction. Their $100,000 will cover one year of in-patient treatment and social reinsertion for 10 young men and women and design of prevention and social awareness programs.

Micky is raising money from this crowdfunding page, and all expenses of his journey will be covered by him personally! His trip started May 26th and will continue for one month as he rides from Paris through Italy, Greece, Turkey, and finally to Beirut.

As of June 14th, 31% of the $300,000 goal has been reached and there are only 16 days left to donate! If you are interested in contributing, you can donate here.