Collection of Tweets and announcements supporting Judge Ghada Aoun legal steps in fighting corruption.

Collection of Tweets and announcements supporting Judge Ghada Aoun legal steps in fighting corruption.

Former Minister Yaqoub Al-Sarraf:
“39 years of integrity … 39 years of work and corruption could not affect her, O you who fear the law and flee from the truth, you will not kill justice as long as there are judges like Ghada Aoun.”

Representative Ziad Aswad:
“The basis for building a state begins with the judiciary and the beginning of its end begins with its downfall.” He added, “As for those who took over, appointed, then neglected, and complied with all influences, this is a clear result of the outcome of your actions.”

Gebran Bassil:
1/2 “Talking about reform and fighting corruption is meaningless if there is no independent, bold and effective judiciary. The real revolution is the revolution of the honest judiciary that pursues people’s cases in the face of some corrupt judges who hide some files and neglect some of them and block others”.

2/2 “What reform do we hope for if the judiciary system isn’t mended? Every Lebanese must define his position between those who want reform so that the state can be established and money restored, and those who want corruption to continue so that the collapse will carry on. Where are the media, civil society, the Minister of Justice, the Supreme Judicial Council, and the political forces?

Nicolas Sehnaoui:
“In 1989, one officer saved Lebanon’s honor and the parties at home and abroad united and defeated him. Today in 2021, one woman judge seeks to save the honor of the Lebanese people and the same parties encircled her, shall we let them defeat her?

Georges Atallah:
1/2 ” What the Public Prosecutor has done is unjust and unacceptable, regardless of how it circumvents non-existent powers and the response of the Attorney General of Mount Lebanon is a right cry in defense of people’s  rights regardless of their behavior.

2/2 “Her Excellency the Minister of Justice: We were waiting for a decision that corrects the course and restores the right, so expressing anger, no matter how sincere, remains words that do not serve justice. As for the appeal of the Law on the the Judicial Authority’s independence, remember that there is no law in the world that preserves the independence of anyone if it was not independent and fortified by itself.

Edy Maalouf:
What the Judge #GhadaAoun tried to do recently was a “mini” #forensicaudit and you saw the reaction of the system with its politicians, bankers, judges, and security officials! If they’re clean and not wrong why all this alarm and fear? Quite simply, what Judge Ghada Aoun did, can be compared to opening a manhole that appeared to be a sewer manhole which uncovered your dirt “.

Rodney El Haddad:
“Ghada you are the rock and on this rock I will build my justice” #weallareghadaaoun

“The revolution is not a female, the revolution is a woman and her name is #GhadaAoun “