Change and Reform MPs visit Maarab, confirm no return to 1960 law

Lebanese Forces leader, Samir Geagea, met, at his Maarab residence on Monday, with a delegation of the Change and Reform bloc’s lawmakers, comprising MPs Ibrahim Kanaan, Neemtallah Abi Nasr, Alain Aoun, Ghassan Mkhaiber, and Ziad Aswad, in presence of MP Antoine Zahra.

Following the meeting, Kanaan told reporters that the meeting with the LF was part of the bloc’s initiative to separate the course of the endorsement of a new election law from that of the Cabinet formation.

“There is no possibility to extend the mandate of the current Parliament, and there is no possibility to return to the 1960 election law,” he said, adding that the delegation will meet with other blocs as well.

For his part, MP Zahra hailed Change and Reform bloc’s initiative, highlighting the necessity to reach an election law that would secure correct representation.

Separately, Geagea met today with Portuguese Ambassador to Lebanon, Joao Perestrello, over the situation in the country and the broader Arab region.