Berri Says Made Enough Concessions, Blames Others for Cabinet Delay

Speaker Nabih Berri stressed on Wednesday that he is not to blame for the obstacles that have so far delayed lining-up a cabinet and assured that he made enough concessions to facilitate its formation.

“I am not responsible for the obstacles hampering the government formation, I made the necessary concessions to facilitate its line-up,” said Berri during his weekly meeting with MPs.

“The obstacle is somewhere else,” he went on to say.

Wrangling over the distribution of ministerial portfolios lingers among political parties.

In the same context LBCI quoted AMAL MP Ayyoub Hmayyed who said: “The Free Patriotic Movement and the Lebanese Forces are the core of the problem in the formation process.”

He added: “We will mot accept to lessen (Marada Movement chief MP Suleiman) Franjieh.”

The Lebanese Forces want to be given the public works portfolio which Berri refuses to concede to any other party.

Berri insists that Franjieh is given a key ministerial portfolios, and says that he won’t partake in a cabinet that does not include the Marada chief.