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▪️The head of the Special Investigation Commission is accused of money laundering and embezzlement!
-He is Riad Salameh, governor of LCB & the head of the most powerful body authorized to combat money laundering.
-The SIC deputy is Judge Ali Ibrahim, the Financial Prosecutor & member of the Supreme Banking Commission.
-Add to them, the Chairman of the Banking Supervision Committee, the appointed member, the Secretary General and managers.

They are responsible.

▪️Salameh brothers crime 🔴
Handed to judges Oueidat &Tannous:
-20 Oct 2001: Forry associates Shell Co. established in BVI with the aim of signing commission contract with BDL
-Forry signed on Apr6/2002
-Parties:Riad &Raja Salameh
-Embezzled funds: $326M

Huge judicial dereliction

▪️Swiss documents transferred to Judges Ghassan Oueidat & Jean Tannous related to Riad & Raja Salameh’s #crimes are “terrifying”,
Yet, No legal action taken!

Riad&Raja Salameh founded “shell companies” they embezzled more than $330M from $90B deals..
It’s the Lebanese stolen money

Attorney Wadih Akl is a very well known anti-corruption Lebanese fighter.

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