Aoun: Applying the law is mandatory

President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, assured Thursday that he will not allow anyone to violate the constitution and the laws, throughout his mandate.

“The essential thing is to apply the law in all our approaches,” he told a delegation of the National Audiovisual Council, chaired by Abdul Hadi Mahfouz.

The President stressed that he did not distinguish, in his positions, among the Lebanese but had the objective of preserving the unity of the country, particularly that there is an agreement on internal solidarity against any external threat.

The Head of State reiterated that proportional representation remains the best choice.

Pertaining to the current media situation in Lebanon, Aoun pointed out that the development of visual and social media has seriously affected the written press.

President Aoun also met with a delegation of the oil sector management committee in Lebanon, in the presence of Minister of Energy and Water, Cesar Abi Khalil.

Discussions focused on the activities of the committee following the approval of the decrees related to the oil sector and the importance of completing the necessary proceedings for the projects in question.