Zahra: LF’s share in government rightful

“Our share in the government is a total right for us,” said LF Deputy Antoine Zahra, in an interview with the Free Lebanon radio station.
“The momentum that was created upon the arrival of President Aoun to office is being tampered with by hampering the government formation,” said Zahra, assuring that all portfolios are sovereign when treated so.

“Minister Gibran Bassil, who is the actual representative of the President, is highly keen on the LF-Aouni duality, and no promise has been broken yet,” the MP noted, stressing that the oath, the statement made before the crowd in Baabda and the Independence message were all proof of the President’s ambitions and of his intention to put Lebanon outside the political polarizations and the regional conflicts.

“The President abides by Lebanon’s constitution and cares for its interests. He refuses the affiliation of Lebanon to any axis, be it Saudi or Iranian, and confirms that Israel is an enemy which we should fight through the State,” Zahra said.

Denying any knowledge about the timing of the government formation, Zahra noted that “our issue is not with Speaker Nabih Berri. The PM-designate and the President of the Republic are fully aware of our rights, and I hope the government formula will be announced soon to guarantee healthy institutional work.”