(Video) President Aoun: Opportunities Still Open for acceptance and approval of New Electoral Law

The 1960 Act is the most Unfair Law

During a meeting with a delegation of Lebanon’s school of journalism alumni association, headed by Dr. Amer Mashmoushi, President Michel Aoun stressed Monday that chances were still open until June 19 to accept and approve a new electoral law, saying that the “restricted” proportionality guarantees a correct representation.

“While the Qualification law is not an election, but only a selection, the 1960 law is a very unfair law.” General Aoun said and added, “Lebanese citizens live together and they elect on a sectarian basis. If the polls can take place on the basis of the Orthodox Law for instance, they will become equal and both minorities and majorities will be represented.”

(to watch the full report, please listen to the video above)

Hala Najjar