US Strategy in Middle East Created a ‘Black Hole’ Leading to Emergence of Daesh

Brutal murders in Syria and Iraq recently conducted by Daesh terrorists have once again shown the weakness of US President Obama’s doctrine, journalist Oliver Grimm wrote for Austrian newspaper Die Presse.

US fighter jets in Syria © Flickr/ U.S. Department of Defense US-Led Coalition Hits Daesh Finance Storage Center Near Mosul in Iraq The war in Iraq has shaken the fragile balance in the Middle East and also has been a great harm to the United States, the journalist wrote. Thus, when Obama developed a military strategy for Syria, he primarily was guided by the principle: “anything, just not another Iraq.” According to Grimm, the US military retreat in the Middle East, the underestimation of the enemy and controversial alliances provoked the emergence of a “black hole” in the region which enabled the creation of such brutal organization as Daesh. “In Iraq, scattered terrorists of Al-Qaeda along with military intelligence officers of Saddam Hussein formed the core of the Islamic State [Daesh],” the journalist noted. Daesh has executed thousands of Iraqi and Syrian civilians over the last few years. Earlier this week, a geographical survey found up to 72 mass graves across Syria and Iraq, containing between 5,200-15,000 victims of Daesh. On Tusday, Daesh has reportedly resorted to new acts of horrific depravity, killing young people tied to a pole in a public square in the city of Mosul. Moreover, Daesh extremists reportedly used metal wire to sew up the mouths of four Mosul residents accused of mentioning Iraqi Army victories.

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