US Air Force Jet Struck Girls’ School in Iraq’s Mosul – Russian Military

A US warplane hit a girls’ school in the south of the Iraqi city of Mosul on October 21, the Russian General Staff’s chief said Tuesday.

“On October 21, a US Air Force plane carried out an airstrike against a girls’ school in the southern part of the city of Mosul,” Lt. Gen. Sergei Rudskoi said. More than 60 civilians died and 200 were wounded because of the US-led coalition’s airstrikes on residential areas in Mosul and its outskirts in the last three days, he said. “There is an ample evidence of the US-led coalition’s airstrikes on residential areas, schools and other civilian infrastructure in Mosul and other inhabited localities in the Nineveh province. Over 60 people, including children, died as a result of these actions over the last three days. More than 200 were wounded.” On October 17, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Abadi announced the start of a military operation to recapture Mosul from Daesh, a jihadist group outlawed in Russia, with the help of airstrikes by the US-led international coalition. Ambassador Sanaei said the Iranian government stood by Iraq and believed a strong government in Baghdad benefited the entire regio

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