The Lebanese Army Deploys in Combat Zones; The Battle is near!

The Lebanese Army deployed Monday to areas on the outskirts of the north-eastern town of Arsal.

“Saraya Ahl Sham” returns to Syria. (Pic Almanar Site)

This military move took place following the departure of 40 buses carrying terrorists. A military source reported that 40 buses carrying “Saraya Ahl Sham” terrorists left East Arsal on Monday for Eastern Qalamoun in Syria. The deal was struck following a wide-scale operation aimed at cleansing Arsal suburbs from Takfiri terrorists.

Furthermore, Al-Binaa Lebanese newspaper quoted a national military source as saying that preparations for the anticipated battle against ISIL in the northeastern part of the city of Arsal are almost done and that the national army is ready for the confrontation with the terrorist group.

“The Lebanese army has finished its preparations; it has deployed in the combat areas and will start on three fronts simultaneously,”  the source concluded.