SSNP: We support General Aoun for Presidency and our Bloc shall vote in his favor

NNA – Syrian Social Nationalist Party declared, on Saturday, its support for General Michel Aoun’s presidential candidacy, indicating that its Parliamentary Bloc shall vote for him on Monday.

“Based on our respect and appreciation for General Michel Aoun and the depth of the ties that bind us, as well as our belief in his will to build a strong and fair civil state for all the Lebanese, we declare our support to his presidential candidacy, and our Bloc shall vote in his favor during the presidential election session,” said Party Head, former Minister Ali Qansou, in an issued statement.

He added: “The SSNP has always stressed on the need to speed-up the election of a President of the Republic to ensure State institutions’ order, especially in wake of the critical consequences resulting from the presidential vacuum.”

“Our Party has long called for a broader understanding between various political forces over the future President, and had pinned so much hope on the dialogue table in providing a forum for such understanding,” Qansou underscored.