Riachy from Zahle: Aoun, Geagea understanding changed modern Lebanon’s image

Information Minister, Melhem Riachy, considered that “the understanding between President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, and Lebanese Forces Party Leader, Samir Geagea, has changed the image of modern Lebanon.”

“Christians have returned stronger and the Muslims have become stronger, for balance within the State allows brethrens to strengthen each other,” said Riachy.

His words came during the luncheon event held in his honor at the “Kadri Grand Hotel” on Saturday, within the framework of his tour among religious dignitaries and political parties prominent figures in Zahle.

Regarding the Information Ministry, Riachy disclosed that he has signed a number of bills of motion and transferred them to the Council of Ministers, which are “related to the protection of the media and media representatives.”

“Media is not the fourth power, but is actually parallel to the first power in light of its ability to create change by thwarting all authorities and raising all authorities,” said Riachy.

He also indicated that he has signed a letter to the Prime Minister “to address the House Speaker so that a session will be assigned to elect new members of the National Council for Media and a new board of directors for the Lebanese Television.”

Riachy concluded by disclosing that he is “currently working on a project law for media ethics to be forwarded in less than two weeks to the Cabinet table, and later to Parliament.”