Riachy at USEC gathering: Bill to exempt audio visual media outlets from 70% of Ministry dues in the offing

Information Minister, Melhem Riachy, disclosed on Thursday that he is in the process of signing a project law designed to exempt all audio-visual media outlets from paying 70% of their dues to the Ministry of Information, to be forwarded later to the Cabinet for approval.

“Audiovisual media will only pay now 15% of the remaining 30% and the other in installments,” Minister Riachy said during a gathering held by the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik (USEK) under the title of “Radio Transformation” marking the International Radio Day.

The gathering was attended by University Vice President for Administrative Affairs, father Talal Al-Hashem, and scores of journalists, faculty deans, professors and students.

Riachy said that he shall forward the project law to the Cabinet in its first regular session to be taking place after the termination of the national budget discussion.

The Minister underlined the paramount importance of the content of radio output and programs for its sustainability.