REPORT: Becharri bids farewell to mother of LF chief Samir Geagea

he northern town of Becharri bid farewell on Thursday to mother of Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea.

The funeral was attended by President Michel Aoun represented by Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil, Speaker Nabih Berri represented by MP Atef Majdalani and Prime Minister Saad Hariri represented by Minister of Cutlture Ghattas Khoury, former President and former Kataeb leader Amine Gemayel represented by Kataeb leader MP Sami Gemayel.

This as supporters of LF and March 14 Secretariat General Coordinator Fares Soueid gathered on the Jbeil highway to say a final goodbye for the convoy of late Mrs. Marie Habib Geagea.

For more details, watch the full report in the video above