Rahi from Seoul: Lebanon can no longer withstand Syrian, Palestinian refugees’ crises

NNA – Maronite Patriarch Bechara Boutros Rahi is participating in the Summit on Peace, convened on August 18 to 22, 2016, in Seoul, Korea.

The conference touched on a number of issues and hosted a number of bishops and dignitaries as well as high ranking figures worldwide.

Rahi’s intervention focused on “Peace and Reconciliation in the Middle East,” notably, Christians in the Middle East; reconciliation, experiences, current situation and solutions.

After evoking the history and role of Christians in the Middle East, Rahi emphasized on the Lebanese model, “which is founded upon shared values between Christians and Muslims and cooperation among all communities,” adding that this is what distinguish Lebanon from other countries in the region.

The Patriarch said that the terrorist groups seeking to sabotage the Middle East do not represent Islam and Muslims. “They want to destroy the moderate and open Islam.”

“The solution lies in separating religion from state and in adopting internal reforms in the Arab regimes on the basis of democracy and respect for rights and freedoms,” he added.

“The international community must find solutions and end hostilities in the Middle East, which are fueled by foreign countries,” he said.

The patriarch then confirmed that Lebanon cannot bear the impact of Syrian and Palestinian refugees’ crises, which resulted from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and Arab-Israeli one.

He further urged the international community to contribute effectively in the Saudi-Iranian rapprochement. “This solves internal complications in the region and significantly reduces sectarian tensions.”

“Peace and reconciliation constitutes the core of Christian culture and message. Every Christian should work towards achieving this goal and spreading peace,” Rahi concluded.