(Videos) Competitive offers are opened for the leasing of power generating ships.

Eight Companies have been accepted!

Minister of Energy Cesar Abi Khalil opened on Monday the competitive bids for leasing power-generating ships to improve Lebanon’s power supply.

A committee was formed to evaluate the proposals and draft the main report to be submitted to Minister Cesar Abi Khalil, including all items related to the eight approved companies. The Minister will then prepare a detailed report that he will send to the Council of Ministers, with a commitment to work seriously and quickly due to the upcoming summer season.
News has it that two key companies, the Turkish company “Cardinez” and the US Company “C-Power” have met all the required conditions.

He added, “this project will not replace the plants that will be established on land and we are in the process of bringing in the international consultant, who will assist us in the settings of the conditions and management of the bids. Of course, this does not mean that we are giving up on the idea of gas and the gas import stations since they represent the third step of the rescue document.”

Minister Abi Khalil stressed on “the legality of the competitive tenders, adding that the tender is carried out in accordance with the terms and conditions previously prepared by the government of former PM Najib Mikati.”

Hala Hayek