President Aoun in live television interview marks two years after his election!

President Michel Aoun on live television and after two years of being elected, addressed reporters and said:

– In the formation of the cabinet,the Sunni Consultative Gathering is an individual and not a bloc. They have met recently and we want the Prime Minister to be strong because he has great challenges ahead.

– Every minute of delay in the process of establishing a cabinet will cost us a lot.

– The obstacles are not justified and the use of delay as a political tactic undermines the national strategy that we badly need.

– The government should be created according to specific standards and should not marginalize any sect or group. If everyone had accepted their allowed portion, there would have been no problem.

– We have given some parties a bigger share than they deserve.

– The situation is not easy and I don’t know if everyone evaluates things like I do. Furthermore and for Hizbullah’s stance, we don’t want any chasm in the national unity.

– As for the dispute between the FPM and the LF, there is a political dispute and not a dispute over the country.

– I am not worried about the economic and financial situation in Lebanon, but if we continue in the same direction, the danger would become imminent.

– The media contributed to this tension by broadcasting harmful and erroneous reports in this regard. (Lebanon economic situation)

– Syrian refugees have to return to Syria no matter what, and Presidents from all over the world are meeting officially with President Assad. The world is thanking us for hosting the refugees and for our generosity. We told them that if the situation continues as it is, a day will come when we will ask them for help.

– We call on the institutions concerned with the displaced to provide them with assistance in Syria and not in Lebanon.

– We will reach a stage where we will address this issue with Syria independently of international institutions.

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President Aoun flashback video by odiaspora