President Aoun enacts 32 laws approved by Parliament

President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, promulgated on Friday 32 laws approved by the Parliament during the legislative sessions within the framework of the regulation of the work of constitutional institutions.

Specialized departments of the Presidency are examining other laws referred to them so that the President takes the appropriate decisions according to his prerogatives.

President Aoun confirmed to his visitors that he attached great importance to the demands related to the development and needs of municipalities.

Aoun respectively met with Head of Maronite Meryamite Order, Father Boutros Torbay, a delegation from the National Union of Workers and Employees’ Unions in Lebanon, another from the Order of Professional Artists, and the Committee of Central Municipalities in Lebanon.

On another level, Aoun discussed with MP Emile Rahme contacts made for the realization of a new electoral law.