President Aoun Chairs Tomorrow’s Funeral in Honor of Martyred Soldiers!

The National Day of Mourning that was officially recognized by the Lebanese government yesterday, will be held September 8, 2017 and The official funeral will be taking place at the National Defense Ministry’s courtyard in Yarzeh and will be attended by the President of the Republic, Michel Aoun who will lay citations on the coffins of the 10 fallen martyrs’ soldiers.

The martyrs were abducted on August 2, 2014, and later killed by the terrorist “Daesh” (ISIL) Organization, and he will deliver a speech on the occasion.

In addition to the president and family members of the military martyrs, PM Saad Hariri, Speaker of the house Nabih Berri, the National Defense Minister Yaacoub el-Sarraf, senior security chiefs and officials will be present at the funeral.