(Pics) President Aoun Follows the Successes of the Lebanese Army and Moves to Beiteddine!

The President of the Republic, Michel Aoun, followed yesterday the latest security developments in the towns of Ras Baalbek and el-Qaa; He also followed up the Lebanese army’s success in regaining most of the land occupied by the terrorist organizations ISIS.

On Thursday, the President chaired a cabinet session whereby he started the meeting by requesting a minute of silence for the soldiers killed in the (Fajer-el-Jouroud) / “Dawn of the Jouroud” war against ISIS. President Michel Aoun told the ministers that ” a small space remains under ISIS control and work is ongoing to liberate it at the right time.”

Prior to the session, Minister of Industry Hussein Hajj Hassan said that the Syrian authorities approved importing certain Lebanese products, including bananas and are negotiating other industries such as flour, coffee and cornflakes.

For his part, Prime Minister Saad Hariri briefed the ministers on the army’s advances in the border towns, hailing the military’s efforts and achievements.

It is to be noted that the President chaired today’s session from the summer Presidential Palace at the Beiteddine.