(Pics/Video) Lebanese-American Democratic Council Honors Minister Bassil Prior to the LDE Conference

Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Minister, Gebran Bassil, spoke at a reception organized in his honor at the Bellagio Resort in Las Vegas, prior to the Lebanese Diaspora Energy 2017, held by the Lebanese-American Democratic Council,

In front of the Free Patriotic Movement’s supporters, the LACD founder and newly appointed Ambassador of Lebanon to the United States of America Mr. Gabriel Issa, as well as a large group of Lebanese from all over the United States of America who had come to participate in the LDE conference, Minister Bassil encouraged all expatriates to retrieve their Lebanese citizenship so they could participate, for the first time, in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

– “Every time we restore the nationality to an authentic Lebanese, we deflect the ghosts of resettlement and its dangers from our country.”

– “In wake of the issued laws and decisions that facilitate the participation of expatriates in the elections, it has become the responsibility of expatriates to immensely partake in those elections,” asserted Bassil

He also tackled the Syrian refugees situation, Bassil assured the gathering that the Lebanese authority would never accept the integration of Syrians nor their settlement in Lebanon.

– “The Syrians are our brethrens, but their return to their country is their right and we will prevail in this confrontation for the benefit of Lebanon and the interests of the displaced themselves,” promised Bassil.

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Hala Hayek Najjar