Bassil Opens Diaspora Energy Conference in Las Vegas and Announces the Central Bank Expatriate Loans!

Foreign Affairs and Expatriates Minister Gebran Bassil opened, on Saturday, the 2017 Diaspora Energy Conference (LDE), in Las Vegas.

In his speech, Bassil presented ways in which contributions by the Diaspora to Lebanon is being facilitated, including through establishing political rights for Lebanese abroad, which was achieved by allowing them to vote, for the first time, in the upcoming parliamentary elections, scheduled to be held in spring.

This is an excerpt of Bassil’s speech:
-“For the first time, Lebanon is dealing with you as a productive economic sector and a distinguished category, not pockets to be dried up,” he said.

– “We are here today, and everywhere we visit in the world, to revive Lebanese ‘Lebaninity,’ which is the title of our existence, the bond of our Diaspora and the identity of our human existence,” Bassil said.

Furthermore, the Central Bank of Lebanon offered new incentives for the Lebanese expatriates, calling on them to benefit from soft loans for housing and to invest in Lebanon.

The conference was attended by a crowd from the Diaspora, Lebanese MP’s, Energy Minister Cesar Abi Khalil, Economy Minister Raed Khoury and U.S. officials. After opening remarks, a discussion panel was held to discuss investment opportunities in Lebanon’s energy sector.

Bassil handed over a citizenship decree to Lebanese-American businessman Anthony Zaani, while Bassil was given an honorary shield on behalf of Nevada’s governor.

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Hala Hayek Najjar