Patriarch Lahham hopes Arab League would recover, Egypt to restore its role amongst other peacemakers and reconciliatory states

Patriarch of Antioch and All the East, Alexandria and Jerusalem for Melkite Catholics, Gregory III Lahham, expressed hope on Saturday that “Egypt would regain its leading role in resolving crises and putting an end to wars, and that the Arab League would recover in the new year to be amongst other peacemakers and reconciliatory states.”

It is to note that the Patriarch will be heading to Egypt upcoming December 22nd on his annual pastoral visit to the Patriarchate of Alexandria, Egypt and Sudan, marking the occasion of Christmas.

Lahham also recalled during this holy season “wounded Aleppo”, describing it as “the second capital after Damascus” in light of its important historical and religious heritage. He jubilantly prayed for the return of peace to its boundaries, since it “constitutes a symbol of peace with all its components.”

The Patriarch concluded by hoping that “obstacles would be overcome between the warring states, to be replaced by reconciliation in order to bring about the desired peace.”